Recent changes to this wiki:

add links to Bitbucket and GitLab profiles
expand my sudo git sg alias
update links
fix link
add link to profile
Code: add packages.rb Puppet Facter custom fact
update link, ohloh -> openhub
fix link to UPS status
fix formatting
add serial port config info
use long gpg key IDs
add link to github profile
remove obsolete scripts
fix link
use longer short key IDs
because of and
fix gpg links
add stackexchange profile link
use a better keyserver search
index: update links
index: use literal formatting for fingerprint
index: update profile links
update for new disk
fix links
try to use relative links
try relative link
add ULA prefix generator
remove server-status link since it's not public anyway
change einstein webserver port to 8080 since cox blocks inbound port 80
update to jessie
note about kernel build commands
add my debian repository
add example output
update for current setup
also remove dead links
add strava
better command
claimid and identica are dead
really replace grunt with einstein
einstein has replaced grunt
add browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab
Firefox: how to set default application for opening files
update with changes for debian wheezy
add ubupkg, mozillazinekb, freebsdwiki, hackage
remove defaults and obsolete items
fix markup
remove AIM, it's obsolete and receives spam
add command to remove comments and blank lines
configured grunt as a slave, so its results are visible from one page
more compact format
add links to smokeping and grunt apache server-status
remove skype username, which I never use
add grunt UPS status link
remove obsolete voodoo links
The UPS status one should be replaced once I get a UPS status page
back up.
add spaces for improved readability
not running Debian on that machine anymore
It's an NTP time server running FreeBSD.
add more info on the irssi script part
one-liners: add hex IPv4 to dotted-decimal conversion
update my xmpp address
not running tor relay anymore
add contributions
https github link
better links
Merge branch 'master' of darwin:git/KenyonWiki
add ohloh link
add linode referral link
link to commandlinefu
add "get external IP address"
use wikipedia link template
add wikipedia link
add Code page
Revert "remove tor status link"
This reverts commit c7b3fe855219080a4099db4f717870db8b7720c9.
remove tor status link
combine command lines
run cleandir twice regardless of exit status
add udev rule to run ldattach
remove sysstatus links
disabled those scripts, never really looked at them since I have munin
remove web stats links
Removed stats packages.
add note about committing to git repositories
example kernel config symlink command
move wording out of syntax highlighting area
add conclusion, update configurations
remove link to MRTG graphs
Not maintaining MRTG service anymore. Its purpose is made redundant by
don't replace ampersand at beginning of line
Also link to local copy of irssi script.
give hostname and link to pool stats
add kerninfo with PPS_SYNC
add example output, make.conf
add iburst and pool
no more freebsd-specific subversion
better notes
specify linux
add FreeBSD section
no more freebsd-specific subversion
remove minpoll 3
remove obsolete switch